Home FAQ

1. Do you have any accounts without a monthly service fee and no minimum balance requirement if you are not a senior citizen or a student?

Yes we do. We have a “Free Checking” product with no monthly fee and no minimum balance requirement.

2. Does the bank have a parking lot for customers?

Brunswick Bank & Trust has five (5) convenient locations offering parking facilities for the customer.

3. Can I open an account on line?

This service will be offered in the foreseeable future.

4. What do I need to open an account?

To open an account at Brunswick Bank & Trust you will need a valid social security number; two forms of identification and verification of your address. Feel free to contact one of our convenient branches for additional information or to verify the types of identification needed.

5. Can I get an ATM card immediately?


6. Can I have an increase on my card/limit?

Brunswick Bank & Trust requires that you contact your branch manager to get an increase in the limit; if you qualify your limit will be increased. Please contact one of our convenient branches for additional information.

7. Why is my ATM balance different form my branch balance?

The ATM balances are updated after normal processing.

8. I forgot my ATM/Debit card pin number, how can I get a new one?

You can contact the nearest branch location to you and ask to speak with a Customer Service Representative who will assist you in resetting or changing your PIN.

9. Why can’t I sign on to online banking? Why is the security question different from the one I chose? Is there a problem I cannot recognize the question?

These are valid questions and often for your security. The system itself requires you to clear your browser history of cache memory to ensure an optimal secure access ; often a simple keystroke records incorrectly. We would ask you to contact your branch to have them review your access to the system.

10. Why can’t we transfer from our account to another financial institution account?

Coming Soon!.

11. When is my deposit going to be available?

If your deposited checks are under $5,000.00 generally they will be available the next day. If your deposited checks are over $5,000.00 they generally they will be available within two days.

12. If the 1st of the month lands on a Sunday –when do I get my Social Security Check?

The Social Security items are processed by Automatic Clearing House (ACH) – upon receipt of the file from the government we process the item. If it falls on a Sunday you would see the credit after Friday night processing as a memo post; on Monday morning when the file is verified it will be available.

13. If I make a deposit on Saturday –when do I get credit for it?

Tuesday Morning

Saturday is not considered a business day. Deposits made on Saturday are considered as deposited on Monday and are therefore generally available on Tuesday.

14. Do you accept mobile deposits?

At present Brunswick Bank & Trust does not offer Mobile Deposit as a service.