Direct Deposit of Payroll

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If you’ve ever stood in line to cash your paycheck, you know it can be a hassle. Not only can the lines be long and inconvenient, but the truth is you’re also paying a fee to be given your paycheck. Why pay a fee to be paid?

With direct deposit from Brunswick Bank & Trust, there’s no fee. We know you’ve worked hard for your money and we want to see you keep more of it. With our direct deposit service, you can stop standing in line and start enjoying your paycheck sooner. When payday comes, your paychecks will be automatically deposited into the Brunswick Bank & Trust account of your choice.

Our direct deposit service eliminates the chance of your paycheck being lost or stolen. We work directly with your employer to ensure that when payday comes, your check is effortlessly transferred from your employer into your bank account. Our friendly staff will gladly walk you through the process of getting paid fast and hassle-free.

Don’t waste your precious time standing in a check cashing line, guarding your check from prying eyes. Call us today and stop the madness of waiting for your money!